I help teams hit their key metrics through high-quality web development, technical guidance, and growth tactics.

Focus on Results

Highly analytical and constantly thinking about scale, I focus on efficient ways to drive the most important metrics for a business or project.


I have experience at all levels of developing an application, as well as bringing it to market.

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Case Studies

A few examples of previous client projects. Want more? Get in touch.

New Lead Channel

Localytics — a mobile app analytics platform — needed more leads and wanted to secure their spot as a thought leader in the mobile app marketing space.

I worked with several members of their in-house marketing and development teams to develop App Listing Rater, a tool that helps mobile app marketers find areas of improvements for their app listings.

The app drove hundreds of new, high-quality leads for the business within the first few days of launch and continues to be a strong source of leads months later.

List Growth

When Ansonia Wines took out some magazine ad space, they knew their website needed to be ready to convert all of those new visitors into email list subscribers.

They had already had success converting subscribers into customers, so I took a deep dive and came up with a number of different ways to convert more of their website and blog traffic into signups.

With a responsive mobile redesign and the addition of several new calls-to-action, I was able to increase the conversion rate of the additional traffic from this campaign into new email subscribers.

Testing Conversion Funnel

When Fairshare Labs rolled out a new conversion funnel for users, they wanted to be sure that they were prompting users to install at the right time, in the right way.

I developed a sophisticated multivariate testing framework that would track a user's behavior across mutliple pageviews, assign them a variation for each of the elements we wanted to test, and then track conversions back to each of the different tests.

The test drove thousands of new users and gave the team tons of insights into usage patterns and conversion tactics that worked.


More referrals available upon request.

“Hartley considered and covered small (but crucial) details in the project that would have otherwise gone unnoticed, and was so thorough that the majority of our QA time wasn't for bugs or errors, but my own changes. Hartley is considerate, detailed, and incredibly good at what he does. If you hire him, be assured that he'll cover all of your intended bases!”

Bryn Adler Localytics

“Hartley designed and built a dynamic python-django social network in a month and had it live in two. I could not recommend Hartley more as both a technical and creative partner - with business and legal knowledge to boot. This guy is the real deal for start-ups.”

Sam Hanson HBO

“Hartley can ideate with the best of them, but then, there's no shortage of great ideas in the world; as I see it, where Hartley sets himself apart is (in large part, anyway) his ability to take ideas, find the path forward, and make things happen—fast (but thoughtfully!). His ambition is matched by skills and drive.”

Toph Tucker Bloomberg Businessweek

Full Stack Skills

Whether it's on the client or server, I have the experience at all levels of the modern web stack.

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