I help teams hit their key success metrics through high-quality web development and technical guidance.

How I Focus on Your Results

Understand Your Issues

I start every project by getting to know your team and the unique challenges you're working on.

Develop a Plan

I'll work with you to come up with an efficient path to the results you're looking for.

Just Enough Code

I pride myself on writing as little code as possible to get the job done, being thoughtful but efficient.

One or two week sprints ensure we never lose sight of your goals.

Trusted by Top Companies

You're in good company. Some of the many brands I've worked with over the years.

“The difference between Hartley and the previous developers I have worked with is night and day. Hartley was incredibly thorough and communicative. He kept me up to date on his progress with weekly check ins that never left me wondering where we were on the project. His spec sheet was also incredibly helpful in bringing my vision to fruition. Hartley finished this project on time and on budget. He exceeded my expectations and I would definitely work with him again.”

Mike Stratman Serial Entrepreneur

“Hartley can ideate with the best of them, but then, there's no shortage of great ideas in the world; as I see it, where Hartley sets himself apart is (in large part, anyway) his ability to take ideas, find the path forward, and make things happen—fast (but thoughtfully!). His ambition is matched by skills and drive.”

Toph Tucker Bloomberg Businessweek

The Complete Engineer

I have experience at all levels of building an application, as well as bringing it to market.

Web Applications

I've been building web applications since 2008, when I started teaching myself PHP. I've built dozens of web applications for clients as well as several successful web applications on my own, and was the CTO of two startups by the age of 23.

I know how to build and host a web application or mobile application API backend -- and I know how to do it scalably and securely.

I've been teaching coding bootcamp classes with General Assembly since 2015. I've also been on tech panels and mentored junior developers both online and in-person.

Project Management

I'm a big believer in the lean approach to build software. The methods I've learned for specing out a minimum viable products (MVP) ensure that my projects are always finished on time, on budget.

I've learned that technical project managment is a soft skill that some clients don't realize they're missing until it's too late, so I bring it every time.

I can help establish best practices for everything from your team's git workflow to its security posture to make sure things always run smoothly.

Web Scraping

In 2012, I published a blog post documenting some web scraping lessons I learned. The post shot to the top of Hacker News and has since been viewed by over 500,000 people.

Since then, I've worked on dozens of scraping projects at various stage companies -- from simple data collection tools for small businesses all the way up through scalable scraping pipelines that ETL large volumes of data daily, mostly from amazon.com and other ecommerce retailers.

In 2013, I published my first book titled "The Ultimate Guide to Web Scraping" which has sold thousands of copies. In 2016, I launched Scrape This Site to be the internet's best resource for learning web scraping.

I Have the Product Development Skills You Need

Whether it's on the client or server, I have the experience at all levels of the modern web stack.

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I'm always looking to meet with prospective clients.

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